Advantages of Kitchentine

Leverage action makes hard to cut objects a breeze

Can be used with most knife sizes

Durable and low maintenance

No formaldehyde

Keeps the knife stable for an accurate and safe cut

Attractive Bamboo board has anti bacterial properties

Environmentally friendly

Dual cutting surfaces

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The Evolution of Cutting Boards

February 20, 2017
The history of chopping boards span many years, in fact, it would be reasonable to assume that with the first stone tools that were used for cutting came the first proto-chopping boards in the form of archaic flat rocks. Though some of these tools are as old our ancestry (200,000 years) the way in which they are used has changed very little. 

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7 Knife Skills for your kitchen

September 01, 2016

Professional-grade cutlery is a vital component to every kitchen and correct cutting techniques are vital to the safety of you and your family. It is a sad fact that one of the greatest causes of injuries in your home are due to incorrect cutting techniques are vital to the safety of you and your family.

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Bamboo chopping board care

August 09, 2016

No matter where you are the good old chopping board is virtually found in any kitchen around the world. Even though the technology behind this indispensable kitchen utensil is not overly complex, by no means are all chopping boards of the same quality or standard.

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