7 Knife Skills for your kitchen

 Professional-grade cutlery is a vital component to every kitchen and correct cutting techniques are vital to the safety of you and your family.

It is a sad fact that one of the greatest causes of injuries in your home are due to incorrect cutting techniques as well as the wrong knife and cutting board choice. 

Using your knives correctly is not rocket science  and if you follow a few basic rules you should experience a lifetime of creating your masterpieces without ever visiting the emergency rooms.

Following these basic guidelines will go a long way to ensure safety in your kitchen:

  • Always focus on the task at hand and concentrate on what you are cutting.

  • A quality sharp knife is your best friend and will make your cutting task safer and easier.

  • Use a good quality cutting board with an anti slip mat for maximum stability. Our Kitchentine not only gives you the stability but combined with the Kitchentine insert you will experience a more accurate, stable and safer cutting experience.

  • Knife size is an important consideration for your cutting task. Basic rule of thumb is using a small knife for smaller items while using a larger knife for large items.

  • Using knives for anything other than cutting foods is never recommended, spend some money and buy a tin opener!

  • To keep control of your knives try and wash and store them as soon as you have finished using them, a knife lying under kitchen items is a recipe for trouble.

  • Keep your hands and fingers at a safe distance form the cutting blade and make sure that the object you are cutting is held securely.

We hope that these tips will keep you and your family out of trouble and we wish a "Bon Appetit"!