Kitchentine Design History

Man has been finding better and better ways to cut up his food ever since he used a piece of flint and stick to cut up wild game thousands of years ago. And since then his cutting tools have only become better and more sophisticated. But throughout the ages very little has been done to help those who are weaker or older to cut food with relative ease.

The idea for the Kitchentine came along when a friend who had recently had carpal tunnel surgery mentioned she was finding it difficult to cut foods on her cutting board, and wondered if a system existed out there to help her during this time.  We looked around and after some time realised that there was no commercial product out there that we could use to help her or for that matter anyone in a similar situation. So we decided to come up with our own design.

The obvious first thought was to make a guillotine type system, something that would use a special blade mounted to a customised cutting board and then easily slice through foods. But quickly we realised that no-one wants a huge chopping board stowed away and only used for the few times you need to cut something tough.  We needed to have a solution that was simple and could be used at all times.

So we started playing with the concept of making a leverage system that would allow the user to use their own knives, something that could be quickly setup and didn’t take much space, something that could be used all the time.

After many different concepts and designs we came up with the Kitchentine. (Kitchen and guillotine)


Kitchentine Concept

The basic concept allows the user to have just the Bamboo cutting board to cut food on as usual, but when you need to cut something tougher you simple insert the plastic anchor and use it along with your own knives as a lever system. Thus cutting the hard food when you need to without the fuss. There are grooves on the board that allow you to pass the knife past the flat of the board which allows you to cut through softer foods that would otherwise deform before being cut. The reverse side of the board is flat and can be used daily as you would a normal cutting board.

Kitchentine anchor part

Also once the insert is removed the hole where it is used quickly becomes a simple scrapping hole allowing you to scrap diced up food into small bowls without spilling.

Cutting board scrape food out without spilling

The board is made from bamboo and the injection moulded insert is ABS plastic.