The Evolution of Cutting Boards

The history of chopping boards span many years, in fact, it would be reasonable to assume that with the first stone tools that were used for cutting came the first proto-chopping boards in the form of archaic flat rocks. Though some of these tools are as old our ancestry (200,000 years) the way in which they are used has changed very little. Sure, they may look different nowadays and they may be made from various differing compounds, but the act of using one hasn’t changed at all. That’s where Have2Buy comes in. Their boffins have taken the age-old design and added one extra feature that makes a big difference, allowing for any food item to be cut with ease and safety.

It’s called the Kitchentine and it uses a system which exploits leverage to give everyone the power to cut awkward foods such as pumpkin for example, with ease and accuracy. It uses a fulcrum system which allows the knife to sit in a slot which guides the blade through the motion, guaranteeing you a cleanc cut every time. The slots also act as a safety which prevent the blades from slipping or sliding off the board. This added safety is a real necessity when you consider that the fulcrum system allows the user to apply a whopping x5 the pressure that a normal cutting motion could ever muster. The slots also come in differing sizes allowing virtually all kitchen knives to be compatible.

The cutting board itself is made entirely from high quality pressed bamboo (which has a whole set of advantages over other materials) and can be removed from the fulcrum system to act as an ordinary bamboo cutting board. The versatility of this product makes it perfect for any kitchen both old and young, as even the elderly can make use of the knife guiding system if necessary.

Even though the technology behind cutting boards may seem simple and boring, small additions to old technology can make all the difference. From a simple rocky surface to the latest bamboo cutting boards, Kitchentine is a step above the rest. To see this board in action watch to video here-