1. Insert the slotted plastic part (Kitchentine) up into bamboo board with smooth face towards the front. The board must have the cutting grooves facing up as shown.
  2. Ensure the part is seated correctly and all the cutting grooves line up with the slots in the Kitchentine as seen in image 2.
  3. To size the knife to the correct slot, hold the knife blade parallel to the bamboo board with the cutting edge touching the board, then move the knife into the slots individually. Ideally you want there to be no or very little up and down movement once the knife is in the correct slot.
  4. To use the Kitchentine place the knife into the correctly sized slot, then lift the knife handle up and place the food to be cut under the blade as close to the knife’s front as possible. Once in place hold the food tightly with the hand not holding the knife, to ensure it does not move. Your hand and fingers must be clear of the area to be cut at all times. Bring the knife handle down ensuring that the food does not move and that the knife tip stays in the slot being used. Cut down past the food using the grooves on the board to allow the blade to pass through the food item.
  5. Do not place hands on Kitchentine while using it to cut food, and at all times use safe knife handling techniques. Always ensure children are supervised if using the Kitchentine.
  6. Once you have cut or diced food, you can use the opening in the board to scrape the food into a bowl or into a pan to minimise spillage.

To clean, wash the Kitchentine in soapy water or in the dishwasher, the bamboo board is not dishwasher safe and should be washed by hand with clean water.